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About us
Van Buren Management, Inc. owns and manages one of the largest corporate real estate portfolios in the Milwaukee marketplace. We have more than 30 years of experience in the development and management of commercial real estate in the Milwaukee markets. The firm's unique knowledge of the downtown market along with our proven management expertise serves their client's each and every day.
Van Buren Management, Inc. controls a commercial real estate portfolio consisting of more than 2 million square feet in Milwaukee. The firm's greatest concentration of assets includes 12 buildings with more than 900,000 square feet in the immediate vicinity of the downtown's prestigious East Town. Van Buren Management, Inc. currently controls over 2,500 parking stalls in the vicinity of the firm's portfolio. This concentration of assets has enabled Van Buren Management, Inc. to accommodate changing tenant needs (e.g. increasing / decreasing space requirements, parking, control of operating costs, etc.) as their businesses evolve.

This concentration of owned commercial real estate demonstrates our commitment to actively promote downtown Milwaukee as the center of commerce for Wisconsin.